Walt Disney World parks

Whenever anyone thinks of their childhood, it doesn’t take long for Disney to pop in their head. Whether it be Disney films, television shows, or even the park itself, everyone has fond memories of the man that is Walt Disney. Walt Disney World itself is a great place for anyone to go, young or old. You can never outgrow Disney. At the theme parks, especially, there is something for absolutely everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s rides, shows, meeting your favorite Disney characters or even just the gorgeous scenery, the opportunities to make memories are endless!

Walt Disney World in Orlando is home to 5 theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, which is a water park. Ticket prices range around $100 for admission into these parks. Each park is different. Magic Kingdom is the heart of Disney. This is where you’ll find Cinderella’s Castle on Main Street, all of your favorite characters, various rides, and just the joy of walking through the heart of Walt Disney’s World. Epcot is where you’ll do some travelling. In The World Showcase, visitors may go to different countries such as France, Italy, England and more! This park is home to a few rides as well and character meet and greet opportunities. You may just run into Mary Poppins while walking you take a stroll through England! Hollywood Studios is more in tune with Disney movies. This is where you’ll see a lot of behind-the-scenes and learn how some of Disney’s most famous films are made. Animal Kingdom is just like what it sounds! A kingdom of beautiful animals. It’s almost like a big Disney zoo! This is where you’ll see nods to movies like The Lion King. Blizzard Beach is lots of fun for the whole family with long water slides and yes, a beach!

The main target audience for Walt Disney World is children and families. This is a very family friendly place to visit with helpful and friendly staff everywhere you go. There are some more thrilling rides available to older kids or adults but there are also rides that are safe to take our little ones on.

Disney also has several wonderful restaurant spots. On your park maps and on the websites the restaurants have symbols next to them indicating the prices you will be paying. One dollar sign indicates that the restaurant is a fairly cheaper option. Three dollar signs indicates that the restaurant is a more luxurious and pricey option.

Overall, there’s no better vacation that we can think of that can top Walt Disney World. With its many theme parks to choose from, there is surely something for anyone of any age to enjoy. Countless rides, shows, attractions, food choices, and shops bring new and old faces back to these parks every day. Disney is timeless and will forever be a part of our lives and hearts as we start our own families. We know we’re still going to be visiting these parks well into our eighties!