Side Effects of HGH

You’ve heard about HGH and all of the wonderful things that it can do for your health, but you want to know about the side effects and how long term they may be. The answer to those questions is somewhat complicated, but the short answer is there can be long term side effects and short-term side effects.

The two most concerning possible side effects are cancer and type two diabetes. Because HGH increases cell reproduction, it’s possible for HGH to enhance the spread of the cancer cells or to cause cancer to start spreading in the first place. HGH can cause Insulin resistance which in turn leads to type two diabetes. Insulin and HGH are competitors and do not work well together.

Bodybuilders are told that they need to take Insulin after they take HGH if they’re taking both hormones. With an increase in HGH, it can create a less optimal environment for Insulin leading to Insulin resistance and in time diabetes. Cancer and diabetes are two side effects that don’t necessarily go away when the dosage is stopped.

Less concerning but still annoying side effects are carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling in the arms and legs, joint and muscle pain, and for men enlargement of breast tissue. All of these go away when the dose is dropped or completely gotten rid of. It can take a couple of weeks for the side effects to fade, though improvement should be seen fairly quickly. The insulin resistance if it hasn’t led to diabetes can also be reversed during this time frame.

Some people notice hypoglycemia when they’re starting a dose of HGH or when they’re ending a dose of HGH. For this reason, people keep quick snacks on them to help bring their blood sugar back up. Many of the side effects are noticed on the first cycle of HGH, subsequent cycles the side effects aren’t as noticeable because the body has had time to adjust. Lower doses of HGH don’t have as many side effects as what the higher doses do, anything over 4 IU’s the risk of side effects increases.

There are side effects with using HGH, many of them are seen in the first cycle when the body is adjusting to the new HGH. Most of the side effects will go away when the dose is dropped or stopped altogether. Side effects are more likely to be seen at anything over 4 IU’s a day. Two side effects that are the most concerning is cancer and diabetes, both of these won’t go away when HGH is stopped.